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The Tyranny of Critique

I enjoy these fluffy attempts of those on the right to justify the state of the world and what it needs by mindless critiques of “liberalism.” What Mr Kalb is grasping for is actually a basic flaw in human nature. … Continue reading

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Hey, Can I End My Honeymoon, Too?

George Wesolek is back from Hawaii and thinks everybody else who chadded in blue should be, too. Let me state as a consistent thirty-year third-party voter, I had no undue hopes for the new 2009-2013 administration, whatever it was to … Continue reading

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More Burke

For a guy who’s been shipped off to Rome, possibly to the relief of his brother bishops, he’s been getting lots of press lately. I found this spot by Austin Ruse on supposed attempts by the American executive branch to … Continue reading

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