More Burke

For a guy who’s been shipped off to Rome, possibly to the relief of his brother bishops, he’s been getting lots of press lately. I found this spot by Austin Ruse on supposed attempts by the American executive branch to quiet Archbishop Burke. A few things:

– It might be said the Obama Administration official is trying to do the archbishop a favor. The Apostolic Signatura head is an embarassment, undercutting bishops abroad in his role as the top canon law official in the Church. The Randall Terry episode will convince no fence-sitter, make no converts, save no infants in the womb. It’s a political ploy, and as such, falls entirely within the realm of prudential judgment.

– If I were a pro-abortion, anti-Catholic politician, I would give the archbishop more rope. Given the wars in Asia and the economy in turmoil, HHS is going to be more low profile than ever in the sense of the overall political scene in Washington. Secretary Sebelius will find some low profile church to attend and that will be the end of it.

– The most curious aspect is that Burke and those likeminded seem to have abandoned people who are directly responsible for procuring abortions, as well as companies that profit from the abortion industry worldwide. If we’re talking about any sort of cooperation with evil, do these bishops have certainty their diocesan investments have completely avoided corporate abortion supporters? The reason why this is a political issue and not a canonical one is the mixed application to others who provide a freedom of choice and financial support for those who choose abortions. To be entirely consistent, bishops and political pro-lifers would need to decline doing business with anyone who provides abortion as a health care option for employees. That they don’t says this issue is more about politics than about any alleged desecration or spiritual medicine by denying Communion.


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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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5 Responses to More Burke

  1. JC says:

    “The Apostolic Signatura head is an embarassment, ”
    I can imagine the Pharisees saying, “That John the Baptist is an embarrassment; calling us a brood of vipers and condemning Herod’s marriage. We’re not going to win favor with Rome that way.”
    “That Jesus is an embarrassment, saying He’s God and we have to eat His Body and drink His Blood. Who would convert to a religion that supports cannibalism? That not a very civil religion.”
    “That John the Apostle is an embarrassment, telling people not to eat food sacrificed to idols.”
    “That Peter is an embarrassment, condemning the people for crucifying Jesus. Who would want to convert to a religion that’s so judgemental?”

  2. Todd says:

    Perhaps, but none of your examples were caught on videotape bad-mouthing other disciples, then offering a pseudo-apology that was more insulting in its premise that other disciples could be criticized behind their backs more effectively than to their faces.

    This is just atrocious stuff. It’s not even Christian.

  3. Bill Kurtz says:

    I’m sorry, but I keep confusing Burke with Rush Limbaugh- they’re both self-promoting right-wing blowhards from Missouri.

  4. Jimmy Mac says:

    Bill: that mistake is easy to make. Take a look at them and note that neither has missed a meal in a long, long time. Rush might even look cute in Burke’s retrograde attire, too, but Burke may not look good with the 18″ seegar hanging from his mouth.

  5. Kevin in Texas says:

    Bill Kurtz and Jimmy Mac,

    Stay classy, you two!

    By the way, Bill, try posting something useful instead of cutting and pasting exactly the same ad hominem attack on multiple blogs in the comments sections. It’s really sad…

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