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Lynch Draws Some Fire

One bishop muses on Notre Dame, the president, and the protest generated by their convergence: I am more alarmed that the rhetoric being employed is so uncivil and venomous that it weakens the case we place ┬ábefore our fellow citizens, … Continue reading

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Science Books

For the past several months, I’ve been mostly disappointed in the fiction I’ve been picking up at the public library. I’ve also exhausted the astronomy section there, too–at least the books published in the past ten years for adults. Earlier … Continue reading

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No Conscience Protections in Beloit

An e-mail correspondent asked me to comment on the situation of Ruth Kolpack and Bishop Robert Morlino. I’m not sure I have anything constructive to say. One, I haven’t read her thesis. Two, I’m not privy to the accurate or … Continue reading

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RCIA 14: More Priests

14. The priest who baptizes an adult or a child of catchetical age should, when the bishop is absent, also confer confirmation, (Rite of Confirmation, Introduction no. 7b) unless this sacrament is to be given at another time (see RCIA … Continue reading

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