RCIA 14: More Priests


14. The priest who baptizes an adult or a child of catchetical age should, when the bishop is absent, also confer confirmation, (Rite of Confirmation, Introduction no. 7b) unless this sacrament is to be given at another time (see RCIA 24). When there are a large number of candidates to be confirmed, the minister of confirmation may associate priests with himself to administer the sacrament. It is preferable that the priests who are so invited:

1. either have a particular function or office in the dicoese, being, namely, either vicars general, espicopal vicars, or district or regional vicars;

2. or be the parish priests (pastors) of the places where confirmation is conferred , parish priests (pastors) of the places where the candidates belong, or priests who have had a special part in the catechetical preparation of the candidates.

If the bishop is present, the bishop presides. But priests other than the main presider may assist, as this section indicates. Note that the relationship of this assistance is ministerial, not family. If a priest has had a role in the pastoral or catechetical formation, he may assist with confirmation. Roles for relatives are not provided for in the rite.


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