Tall Strips


The challenge with a big church is finding a certain quantity of decoration that adds to the environment without being a distraction. I’ve never toured the grand sacred architectural sights of Europe, but I’m both envious and doubtful of Michelangelo’s painted ceilings. One, it would be nice to have art of that quality in every church. Two, would it serve as more of a distraction to the ritual?

At my new parish, we have brick support columns each with a hollow. The long tradition here is to fill them with fabric strips, and we have them in violet, blue, red, green, yellow, and white. You may remember this past Advent I posted images of paper sculptures of the O Antiphons mounted in front of these strips. At the top of the walls there is a pulley, so it’s a fairly easy task to pulley down the dowel rods with one color and throw up another. For what we look like this weekend, see the image above, facing the west wall.

changing-the-stuck-pulleyThe day before Christmas, one of the pulleys stuck, hence leaving us stuck in turn with a purple fabric among the whites of Christmas. Was it appropriate in some way this one was right at the organ console? You decide.

Anyway, one of our committee members has a good neighbor, and he came over this morning with his forty-foot extension ladder to rescue and repair.

Here’s another question for you decorators out there: How do you handle Holy Week? Red down and violet back before Monday Mass? Violet down and white up for Thursday? Red back up on Friday? We opted to keep the columns bare until the Vigil, in case you were wondering.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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