Linz Lubrication

Father Z and his commentariat are on tilt over some meal at some Catholic parish in Austria that includes some ritual prayer. More pictures here.

The priest is wearing an alb and stole, which a traditionalist might do for some kind of blessing ritual. I’ve certainly seen clergy do this in the past. My previous bishop would wear “choir dress” to non-liturgical events. There’s no indication this is anything more than a social hall. I can’t think of a good reason why even a modern church would be emptied of pews and tables shipped in–wouldn’t they just hold the event in the social hall? That probably gives some tip-off that this event isn’t sacramental. Still, it produces a chuckle to see the “charitable” comments roll in: syncretism, madness, fetish, reports of live-in sex partners for Linz clergy, pagan, etc.. And Liam, you think the Catholic Right needs an invitation to be shrill? File it under “fire, aim, ready.”

And as for the Right, “If they only had a heart …” Or is it a brain? Either way …

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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11 Responses to Linz Lubrication

  1. Liam says:

    Todd, of course, they don’t need an invitation, but we shouldn’t hand it to them on a silver platter with gloved hand and be shocked when they open it….

  2. Liam says:

    Fr Z and his fans, of course, remind me of many progressive confreres I knew in the past who found it hard to resist any opportunity to be intemperate. I think they are in for disappointment with this Pope in terms of liturgical revanchism that they so desperately expect.

  3. Gavin says:

    Thank you for demonstrating in this post what real charity looks like.

  4. Kevin in Texas says:

    Todd, while I agree with you that this is most likely not a Mass or even a Communion Service, the details here do not occur in a vacuum. You pass off valid questions about it as if they were all made by conspiracy buffs. A couple of points I would make that are very germane to questions about this particular event:

    1) Linz is widely known in Austria as the most progressive diocese in that country, and it’s an image the clergy there actively cultivate to at least some degree, as witnessed in its reaction to the Vatican’s naming of an auxiliary Bishop for the diocese whom its leaders considered too traditional;

    2) Your point about a traditional priest wearing an alb and stole for a non-liturgical event is a good one, but probably not applicable here, since the woman to his side is also dressed as if this were some type of liturgical ceremony (aside question to those who know more about liturgical dress than do I: isn’t what she is wearing more or less what a permanent deacon would wear for Mass, rather than even an altar girl?) I doubt a traditional priest would have an altar girl, and women can serve as lectors at Mass, but not as deacons;

    3) Why exactly would there be a standing, rather large crucifix in a fairly central spot on the floor of a social hall, and what exactly are the little things she’s handling underneath it in the 4th photo? I could see a small crucifix hung on the wall of a social hall, but this clearly seems to have been placed there in the midst of the room for a reason.

    So in short, probably not a Mass, but there are enough odd things going on here in the context of the progressive Linz diocese for an orthodox Catholic to ask some valid questions. Whether or not they would qualify as abuses would depend on the exact details of the situation there.

  5. Jimmy Mac says:

    These ultra-progressives! The next thing you know they’ll be denying the Holocaust!!

    Oops, wrong side of the divide.

    Oh, well:

    When in wonder, when in doubt
    Run in circles, scream and shout .. y’all

  6. Todd says:

    Well, as for the charity of my small essay, I described actions. I didn’t call anyone a name. About the worst thing I did was allude to a popular song, but I thought I made it clear that neither Fr Z, nor his commenters, looked to interpret this in any way but for their own derision and amusement. And that includes priests in the commentariat who should know better. So y’all think I’m being a meanie for poking at these people a bit?

    It isn’t unheard of for items of devotion to be placed in gatherings outside of a church. I see it in conferences all the time.

  7. Gavin says:

    In fairness, I think the woman vested as a deacon calls for SOME questioning. I don’t think that’s out of line. “And as for the Right, “If they only had a heart …” Or is it a brain? Either way …” That doesn’t strike me as the most productive thing written here. Not that I disagree, in fact I’d extend it to all ideologues, left and right. However, I would probably avoid such uncharity whilst referring to the uncharity of others.

    I’ve been in on these liturgical battles for a blink of an eye compared to the careers of service of others here. But already I’m tiring of vile polemics on both sides, and triply so when it comes in the form of “my side’s polemic is ok because the other side does it too.” Cut the whining and the excuses, and treat the other side and their ideas the way you want them to treat yours: not accepting or undiscerning, but respecting legitimate diversity of opinion. Especially if they won’t do the same for you.

  8. Kevin in Texas says:

    Thanks, Jimmy Mac! We can always count on you to add pertinent thoughts in the spirit of open dialogue!

    Does it not strike some as ironic (as Gavin points out above) that commenters like Jimmy Mac and Bill Kurtz on the progressive side of things are guilty of exactly what they rant about liturgical conservatives of doing? Hmm…

  9. Todd says:

    I don’t know that I find it ironic so much as being basic human nature. I think we had a discussion on this recently: the left trends more foul and the right trends more mean. No ideology is bereft of less than stellar diplomats for its cause.

  10. Jimmy Mac says:

    Kevin: I sit up nights looking for ways to give you something to choke on.

  11. Tony says:

    Or is it a brain?

    No, that’s the Left.

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