Good Friday 2009

Antarctica is as far as anywhere from the cradles of Christendom culturally if not in geographical fact, but I love this stark image with the ice plains and Mount Erebus in the background. A thought from the 6th century Syrian hymnographer, Romanos:

Let us lay aside all tiresome arguments and attach ourselves to the one on the cross.

About catholicsensibility

Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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3 Responses to Good Friday 2009

  1. Lee says:

    Beautiful image. Thank you for posting it.

    And if I don’t get a chance before then – Happy Easter!

  2. kiwinomad says:

    This cross was placed here in memory of the victims of a plane crash in 1979. This original one had to be replaced later as it didn’t withstand the rigours of the weather conditions. See

  3. Fran says:

    That is an amazing image and I thank you for sharing it with us.

    Blessings of Easter to one and all who write, read, comment on this blog.

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