Carnival #98

I’ve been remiss in posting much on astronomy here. I’m still viewing on my nightly walks with the dog. I still have two telescopes in disrepair on my workbench downstairs. I’m also surfing and recommending you surf over to the 98th edition of the Carnival of Space, hosted this week at Universe Today, one of my fave daily reads.

I also recommend today’s beautiful image of the Pinwheel Galaxy at the APOD site.

Meanwhile, one of Saturn’s large moons casts a shadow on the rings as equinox comes to the planet. The closer we get to August, the more long shadow detail will come out in the rings, not from the big moons, but from moonlets and even boulders in the rings themselves. That will be way cool.

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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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