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Rochester’s Subway

A nifty post on one of my favorite blogs, strange maps, looks at the once and imaginary future subway in my hometown.

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The Eucharist and Ecumenical Weddings

In helping engaged couples plan their wedding liturgies, the intersection of the Eucharist with a non-Catholic groom or bride is always a troubling point. I say this not because it becomes a bone of contention between couple and Church–that’s a … Continue reading

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RCIA 36: Period of Evangelization

Sections 36-40 give no rituals, only the ministerial approach to the period known as “Evangelization and Precatechumenate.” We might be exploding a few myths in these next few posts. Lots of parishes start out from the first meeting inundating inquirers … Continue reading

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A Wrong Kind of War

Longtime readers and friends know I have tried to practice pacifism for several years. Back in the 80’s I read much more about it, and have pretty much lost touch with what the scholars of non-violence are saying these days. … Continue reading

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RCIA 35: Adaptations by the Minister

Presiders of the rites of initiation, be they¬†clergy or lay people, have options at hand to assist them in making liturgy as effective as it can be. This section confirms the need to be flexible. 35. Celebrants should make full … Continue reading

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