Wrenching a Memory

The family and I were off to Kansas City for a friend’s surprise 50th birthday party yesterday. About 3PM I got a phone call from the boss. Where was the wrench for the holy oils?


I had misplaced the wrench at the Easter Vigil and I had meant to get to the hardware store to acquire a replacement. We had anointing of the sick at all weekend Masses … 235 miles away.

I sat back down with my friends and I told them the story. Our ambry is mounted on two columns near the font (chrism on one, below, and OI and OC on the other). There’s a wrought iron collar for each container of oil. A little wrench loosens the collar and allows us access to the container.

Two Saturdays ago I thought I had put the wrench in my shirt pocket then I was sure I bent over somewhere that night, because, by the time liturgy was over, my pocket was empty.

The young miss spoke up. “You didn’t lose it, Dad.”


“I have the wrench.”


staparish-chrism-25mar08“You handed the wrench to me so you wouldn’t lose it. I put it in the pocket of my purple coat. It’s still there, front pocket on the right side. My coat’s hanging up next to the front door at home.”

Dumbfounded, I called our housesitter and left a message. When I saw him at Mass tonight, he said he found the little wrench, just where I told him it was.

I’m getting too old to lone ranger on liturgy. I think I’m hiring the young miss for all of next year’s Triduum.

About catholicsensibility

Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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  1. Young Miss will be a blessing to the Church!

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