RCIA 46-47: After Acceptance


Does your parish have a register of catechumens?

46. After the celebration of the rite of acceptance, the names of the catechumens are to be duly inscribed in the parish register of catechumens, along with the names of the the sponsors and the minister and the date and place of the celebration.

The other thing to keep in mind is that catechumens are traditionally considered part of the Church, and therefore, the parish from the moment of acceptance:

47. From this time on the Church embraces the catechumens as its own with a mother’s love and concern. Joined to the Church, the catechumens are now part of the household of Christ, (Lumen Gentium 14, Ad Gentes 14) since the Church nourishes them with the word of God and sustains them by means of liturgical celebrations. The catechumens should be eager, then, to take part in celebrations of the word of God and to receive blessings and other sacramentals. When two catechumens marry or when a catechumen marries an unbaptized person, the appropriate rite is to be used. (Rite of Marriage 55-66) One who dies during the catechumenate receives a Christian burial.

Note the importance of the word, not just the catechetical aspect but also the liturgical. In addition to word services (and the liturgy of the word at Mass) blessings and sacramentals are a vital part of the catechumenate period. They are often neglected in many parishes. Ideally celebrations of the word and blessings would be a routine part of the initiation experience. When? Meetings, retreats, catechetical gatherings.

From here, we’ll take a look at the rubrics and rituals of the Rite of Acceptance, starting in a day or two.

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