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“Twelve Ordinary Blokes”

Is Christianity Too Feminine? Not according to British males surveyed by a Christian men’s magazine. Only eight percent complain about the Church being too feminine. But three in five guys are turned off by embroidery. So much for frilly surplices, … Continue reading

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Are We In Trouble Yet?

Archbishop Wuerl won’t be making any friends or leading any pep rallies with his stance on the Speaker and Communion: (C)hurch law – “was ever intended to be used” to bring politicians to heel. “I stand with the great majority … Continue reading

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Practice in the Office

At the “other NCR,” a priest and his secretary “anticipate” the new Roman Missal translation with an office exchange. If you are a subscriber, you can get the whole story. Let me know if there’s anything good there, will you? … Continue reading

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The Case for Viri Probati

A review of Bishop Fritz Lobinger’s book Every Community Its Own Ordained Leaders is up on The Southern Cross web site. The thought that communities without priests may discern and present “proven men” for ordination is neither a new nor … Continue reading

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RCIA 50: Opening Dialogue at Acceptance

The “Opening Dialogue” requires a presider who can stay on his toes. The basic intent is to identify the candidates by name, and to receive this public response to a ritual inquiry on why they are here and what they … Continue reading

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