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A Monster of a Discussion

Bridezillas, make way for blogzillas. I don’t know that I would have predicted that the Left-Right Blow-up in the Blogosphere would have happened over the way people got married. Friend Dale blogs here and here about Vox Nova blogging here … Continue reading

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Take Me Out …

I don’t remember field trips like this when I was a kid. Check that: in seventh grade, our class trip was a visit to Cooperstown. Not only did we enjoy the Baseball Hall of Fame, but the Farmer’s Museum, too. … Continue reading

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RCIA 53: Affirmation by the Sponsors and the Assembly

After the candidates “accept the Gospel,” the presider turns to the sponsors and assembly for their “affirmation.” 53. Then the celebrant … asks … in these or similar words. Sponsors, you now present these candidates to us; are you, and … Continue reading

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