Medium Light Blogging Ahead

Expect a few posts tomorrow, maybe, and perhaps one a day for the next week, but I have a busy weekend coming up on the heels of a fairly busy week. I haven’t intended to leave RCIA hanging with crosses poised over the senses of candidates, but I think it might be early next week before I’m ready to resume RCIA posting. I often work on a number of posts at a time. (Neil can tell you that on a few occasions, the draft folder was crammed full of GILH or Vatican II documents.) I just don’t have anything really prepared and I’m concerned about doing those posts well.

I have an out-of-town wedding on Saturday. The classical music is familiar to me having played it in ensembles, but for the first time, I’ve been asked to play “Jesu Joy” on solo guitar. I really prefer to accompany a violin or clarinet on this, as my guitar technique isn’t sharp enough to really draw out the melody with an accurate accompaniment. The bride has insisted, “No organ,” which is too bad, as a solo organ stop would really be nice on the melody with the guitar working on the “vocal” section. The unfamiliar music is more contemporary, and a pretty easy knock-off for me, as I’m playing with a pianist and two singers.

The beloved spouse and young miss will be accompanying me–it’s about two hours away. I’m heading to the church early to prepare and nail the classics with the organist-turned-pianist. I warned them not to get DQ on their nice clothes. More of a problem, I assure you, for my wife, who adores ice cream and often drifts into a cool ecstasy only to realize later that a drip or two have missed her mouth.

The young miss’s birthday is approaching. I’ve been asked to provide vanilla cupcakes for the class treat, as one of her good friends has a peanut allergy and another dislikes chocolate. Brit likes my chocolate peanut butter cookies ( standard pb cookie recipe with cocoa powder substituting for some of the flour) so she requested a batch of those as sort of a preliminary celebration, keeping it in the family, as it were.

Let’s run down the next few days: bake some cookies, cut some grass, play some music, avoid politics on the internet.

Hmm, that last one might be a keeper for a few weeks.


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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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