Kit Is Cool

The young miss picked up some items at the library recently, including the dvd of Kit Kittredge: An American Girl. I was really impressed with this film: well-scripted, a talented and very deep cast, a nicely plotted story and just an overall good message on a lot of fronts.

I often surf to check out details about a movie we watch at home–it beats watching most of the “bonus” material. This quote was offered on the wikipedia site for the movie:

Even if young fans can’t relate the struggles in the movie to their own life, Kit still offers more than the shows and movies typically aimed at the tween girl market. Besides the simple educational value of giving them a picture to connect with their history lessons, the film also focuses on more significant themes than the materialism and prettiness championed in the Hannah Montana ghetto. (Megan Basham, World Magazine)

This is the “American Girl” series based on the historical dolls, right? I guess I don’t mind terribly the connection of acquiring dolls and watching a movie like this. I suppose it’s no different from novels or tv shows heading to the big screen.

I’m happy to report that as the young miss lives her last three days of tweenhood (Heaven help me; on Thursday I begin seven years of parenting a teenager.) the HM phase seems to have faded somewhat. Some interest in the movie, but not much, really. Not like the attempt to get tickets for the KC concert a while back.

Heard on the way home from yesterday’s wedding: an interesting pair of songs paired on one of those “anything goes” radio stations. Dylan’s “The Times They Are A-Changin'” and “Let The Good Times Roll” by the Cars. The latter’s not really an awful song, but the comparison of Kit and Hannah struck me. There are better themes to consider than good times, rock music, materialsm and prettiness, aren’t there?


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