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(Ecclesiastical) Death Comes For The Archbishop

CNS put this one at the bottom of today’s list. Just when you might have thought the sacred universe revolved around someplace in the US… I looked up Archbishop Paulin Pomodimo on the Catholic Hierarchy site. Ordained a bishop at … Continue reading

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Women Looking for Counterculture

I don’t begrudge comtemplative women’s orders their boom. I doubt any mature woman religious does either. The CNS news note about a new book seems to be incomplete, or I hope it is. The book, titled “The Foundations of Religious … Continue reading

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Notes on Liturgical Music

(This is Neil) The Covenant website has a very good short article by the Anglican priest Dan Martins promisingly entitled “Notes Toward a Comprehensive Theory of Church Music.” He makes three points of likely interest to readers of our blog: … Continue reading

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RCIA 56-57: Signing of the Other Senses & Concluding Prayer

Sorry for the delay in continuing this series. We left off with the signing of the forehead of the candidates with the cross. Unlike at infant baptism, other senses may be signed. First the rubrics: 56. The signing is carried … Continue reading

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Wireless Squatters, Clear Out!

Soon to be heard in a church–maybe your very own: Pray brothers and sisters that … phshphsh … twenty-four, we need an ambulance at four-one-nine Benedict Way, elderly white female not responding to stimulus. This has been coming down the pike for … Continue reading

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