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Kit Is Cool

The young miss picked up some items at the library recently, including the dvd of Kit Kittredge: An American Girl. I was really impressed with this film: well-scripted, a talented and very deep cast, a nicely plotted story and just … Continue reading

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Library Privileges

I’m a library fanatic. I always have been. My earliest memory of library fun was in the fourth grade was when my teacher, Mr. Shapiro, would reward those of us who had finished classwork early. We got hall passes and … Continue reading

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Conscience and Protection

It is also a very bad week for the Catholic hierarchy. Ireland casts a shadow on the whole Church and dredges up anguish of cover-up and sex scandals of past years. One particularly damning letter appears in the NY Times, … Continue reading

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“Not Pro-Abortion”

This has been a rough week for many of my pro-life sisters and brothers. Their single-minded focus doesn’t seem to be getting the love from L’Osservatore Romano. There’s a strategic advantage to being a radical anarchic liberal rebel from authority. … Continue reading

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Institutional Sin, Institutional Consequences

What can one say to this horrific report on the abuse of children who were in the care of the institutional church in Ireland? Many Catholics have already said what I was thinking, feeling it with the disgust I feel. … Continue reading

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A Wedding Music Compass 1.0: Finding Good Musicians

I had a delightful meeting with an engaged couple last night. Their wedding is still nearly a year in the future, but time flies and ducks must be lined up in their row. Plus, with a May wedding, you can’t … Continue reading

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Medium Light Blogging Ahead

Expect a few posts tomorrow, maybe, and perhaps one a day for the next week, but I have a busy weekend coming up on the heels of a fairly busy week. I haven’t intended to leave RCIA hanging with crosses … Continue reading

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Christ Has Died Not Dead Yet

I’ve heard from a source that some English-speaking bishops’ conferences are pressing Rome, the CDWDS, for inclusion of the current “Memorial Acclamation A” in the new Roman Missal translation. This is the text, “Christ has died, Christ is risen, Christ … Continue reading

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When To Keep Disputes In-House

With post-ND questions surfacing about where is the dialogue, there’s an interesting, if not instructive one on the OSV Daily Take blog. A carefully worded statement: I think, unfortunately, for a lot of people in the pro-life movement, life begins at … Continue reading

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Theology and Science Fiction?

(This is Neil) Improlific as I am, this is an overdue post. I would like to express my gratitude to Todd for letting me contribute to this blog. This isn’t a tiresome case of one person congratulating another for belonging … Continue reading

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Music for Ascension

Occasionally, I recommend an audio program available on the net. This week, whether you’re preparing for a Thursday feast or a Sunday observance, check out the music on For The God Who Sings. The playlist is here. The MacMillan piece … Continue reading

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Lord Send Out Your Spirit

Lord%20Send%20Out%20Your%20Spirit.mp3 There’s a bit of a story about this one. There was a seminarian I knew almost twenty years ago who was in a spiritual support group with me. I’ve since lost touch with him, but we had a very challenging … Continue reading

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Saint Paul and the Liturgical B-Team

The concluding feasts of the Fifty Days are upon us. Has anyone mentioned lately we’re still in the year of Saint Paul? How are you hearing Paul preached this year? This Easter season? Or is the Year of Paul more … Continue reading

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Panis Settles The Crowd

Jimmy Mac sends this report from his parish this morning: Today at the 10AM mass, the church was quite warm.  It was the last service of the morning and the outside temperature was hovering in the mid-90s. Our associate pastor, … Continue reading

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Chatting on Celibacy

In the parlance of the current discussion, mandatory celibacy for diocesan priests. A brief CNN piece by Donald Cozzens catches John Norton’s notice at the OSV blog. Proponents of optional celibacy seem to think that marriage, children, and sexuality will … Continue reading

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