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Carnival #109

Jennifer at Twisted Physics offers a very fun Carnival of Space #109. She refers to my pretty pictures from last week as Space Porn. Just don’t tell MM at VoxNova; it might skew his graphs. I urge you to check … Continue reading

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RCIA 82: Why The Word? Four Reasons

Why celebrations of the Word? Here’s what the rite has to say in section 82: 82. The special celebrations of the word of God arranged for the benefit of the catechumens have as their main purpose: 1. to implant in … Continue reading

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De Mortuis and the Anti-Saints

I’m mildly surprised at how much traction Michael Jackson’s death is getting in the Catholic blogosphere. Via David Gibson, there’s this piece up at First Things today. I think there’s something less of the comparison between Lady (of the Tramp)/St … Continue reading

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RCIA 81: Celebrations of the Word

Let’s give a bit of perspective on these posts. Last week we finished the section 75-80, which describes how to conduct a catechumenate. That followed the Rite of Acceptance liturgy (48-74) in which unbaptized newcomers to the faith enter the … Continue reading

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My friend Jack Smith takes a valiant turn at defending his bishop, Robert Finn of Kansas City-St Joseph, from the question posed by (among others) America: What moral responsibility do activists and church leaders bear to prevent moral and political … Continue reading

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A Wedding Music Compass 2.1: Meeting Wedding Musicians

For those coming late to this series, I refer you to my previous two posts in the series, here, on finding good wedding musicians, and here, on what you can expect from good wedding musicians. When I meet with an engaged … Continue reading

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National Shrine for Saint Paul

Not surprisingly, it’s the impressive cathedral church for the city that bears the name of the Apostle to the Gentiles. A CNS story gives some details for the latest US national shrine, announced two weeks ago. The original piece is … Continue reading

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Shadows, Plus Navigating the Gap

Equinox at Saturn is only a few weeks away. Shadows cast on the rings are getting lots of press. Many images and some video are up at the Cassini site, including this (above) capture of the shadow of small irregular-shaped … Continue reading

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Some Upcoming Liturgy Posts

Fr Austin, aka The Concord Pastor, asked me about posting some of my presentations from the Loras College Liturgical Music Conference. My role in the event was actually quite small. The noted liturgist Kevin Seasoltz gave a marvelous talk Wednesday … Continue reading

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Which Western Civilization? Whose Modernity?

(This is Neil) As I promised our frequent and much appreciated commenter Liam, I’m posting here on narratives of Western Civilization. (Sorry about the title.) More specifically, I’d like to use a recent article (link is to abstract) by the … Continue reading

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Posting Scarce

I’ll be off to a conference at Loras College in Dubuque for the next three days. I’ve been engaged to lead two topic sessions on the “Theology of Choirs and the Liturgical Assembly,” as lensed through the USCCB document Sing … Continue reading

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Mass on tv, PBS or Otherwise

So PBS won’t accept any new religious programming. This is something of a lament, but perhaps less so than it appears. Where do Catholic shut-ins view televised liturgy? It’s been a discussion at my new parish, as we’ve relied for … Continue reading

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Love Without Limits XI

(This is Neil) In his current column, Father John Breck provides an eleventh excerpt from Archimandrite Lev Gillet’s Amour Sans Limites, originally published in 1971 under the name of “A Monk of the Eastern Church.” I’ve provided excerpts of his … Continue reading

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Thomas Merton on Prayer and Identity

(This is Neil) The March 2009 issue of Cross Currents has the transcription of part of a taped conference recorded by Thomas Merton “during the last years of his life while he was living as a hermit.”  The entire taped … Continue reading

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Something In Common

You might think they have nothing in common, but Pope Benedict and Eminem have something in common. Now they both have record deals with Geffen. The pope and some priests will record music and prayers for a Christmas release. A … Continue reading

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