Pro-Lifers: Not As Crazy As You Think

Somehow, I think the Catholic Right should get off this meme.

None of this should happen, let’s state clearly. But given that there are 800,000 abortions each year, and that tens of millions of Americans believe these acts are morally equivalent to murder, the surprising thing is that since 1973, there have been so few killings.

Very reassuring, I must say, that pro-lifers don’t share Martin Riggs’ profile. It would be interesting to do a few things with this. Push pins in a map for each instance of murder or attempted murder. Compare statistics with crisis pregnancy centers that have been bombed or threatened. Could we pat ourselves on the back over only nine killings at abortion protests, if we found out that the death toll at the hands of irate soccer moms or dads were in the hundreds?

Also, there’s nothing like using a tragedy to make a political point about the president. Nice action in the commentariat, too.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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2 Responses to Pro-Lifers: Not As Crazy As You Think

  1. Liam says:

    Well, here’s another subtle point (and I say this as a pro-lifer):

    No one on the Supreme Court (at least currently) has shown the least bit of interest in inventing a constitutional right to life for the unborn (it would be hard, but stranger things have been known). The maximalist legal position is the overrulling of Roe/Casey. The adoption of a human life amendment to the federal constitution is so remote as to be barely discussed.

    Anyway, if one is going to meaningfully use the quantitative dimension of pro-life rhetoric, one must use net estimates, not gross. That is, one should not assume that, if Roe never happened, that all the abortions that happened post-Roe would never have happened. A few, mostly low-population, states would probably have kept stringent abortion restrictions, but many large states would have likely have removed most restrictions, and other states would have been in between.

  2. Gavin says:

    I think Dreher’s point is on (as I usually do). Abortion is something millions find morally comparable to a genocide. And despite that perceived evil, those millions have responded to it by peaceful means. The overall point is that the pro-life movement represents 0 threat to anyone’s life. Which is true.

    As for the other blogger, that’s a perfect illustration of what I’ve consistently asserted drove the ND outrage: impotent anger over a spanking in the 2008 election. Get over it, people.

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