Posting Scarce

I’ll be off to a conference at Loras College in Dubuque for the next three days. I’ve been engaged to lead two topic sessions on the “Theology of Choirs and the Liturgical Assembly,” as lensed through the USCCB document Sing to the Lord. Session 1 will cover the congregation and choir at Sunday Mass. Session 2 will look at other sacraments and issues outside of the liturgy, again with an eye to the choir and liturgical assembly.

Even if I locate internet access at the college, I’ll probably lay low from the blog for a few days. Immersion in the environment, early bedtimes, playing some music, connecting with archdiocesan colleagues: that has great appeal. Neil has two excellent posts below, and even if we go fallow here at Catholic Sensibility the next few days, I can recommend you check the archives for Neil’s other articles. The series on RCIA will resume next week.

I have a wedding this Saturday, the usual liturgical duties this weekend, plus an article due to one of my editors on Tuesday. You might be spared my commentary for several days.


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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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4 Responses to Posting Scarce

  1. Todd, I hope you might post your presentations here once you’re back from the conference.

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