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My friend Jack Smith takes a valiant turn at defending his bishop, Robert Finn of Kansas City-St Joseph, from the question posed by (among others) America: What moral responsibility do activists and church leaders bear to prevent moral and political … Continue reading

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A Wedding Music Compass 2.1: Meeting Wedding Musicians

For those coming late to this series, I refer you to my previous two posts in the series, here, on finding good wedding musicians, and here, on what you can expect from good wedding musicians. When I┬ámeet with an engaged … Continue reading

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National Shrine for Saint Paul

Not surprisingly, it’s the impressive cathedral church for the city that bears the name of the Apostle to the Gentiles. A CNS story gives some details for the latest US national shrine, announced two weeks ago. The original piece is … Continue reading

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Shadows, Plus Navigating the Gap

Equinox at Saturn is only a few weeks away. Shadows cast on the rings are getting lots of press. Many images and some video are up at the Cassini site, including this (above) capture of the shadow of small irregular-shaped … Continue reading

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