RCIA 82: Why The Word? Four Reasons

img_6803Why celebrations of the Word? Here’s what the rite has to say in section 82:

82. The special celebrations of the word of God arranged for the benefit of the catechumens have as their main purpose:

1. to implant in their hearts the teachings they are receiving: for example, the morality characteristic of the New Testament, the forgiving of injuries and insults, a sense of sin and repentance, the duties Christians must carry out in the world;

2. to give them instruction and experience in the different aspects and ways of prayer; 

3. to explain to them the signs, celebrations, and seasons of the liturgy;

4. to prepare them gradually to enter the worship assembly of the entire community.


I like the emphasis on morality as a process of the heart, not of the mind. I suppose the “instruction” of the second purpose is more aligned with apprenticeship than didactic lecture. Although homilies of these word services could be more explicit about aspects of the liturgy. These word services should also include more than just the Scriptures and homily–signs of the liturgy would include regular aspects such as candles and incense and some sacramentals, as well as feast-specific experiences.

Any thoughts on your part?

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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