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Movie Life

The women of the house opted for an opening-day viewing of the new Harry Potter movie. We had out-of-town friends in the night before, and went to see Up. Two movies in two nights is a bit of a luxury. … Continue reading

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RCIA 102-103: Exorcism, Blessing, and Anointing

These two sections give the “red and black” on the anointing of catechumens. This rite has three parts: first, a prayer of exorcism (see RCIA 94); then the optional blessing of oil; and finally, the anointing itself. The rubrics read: … Continue reading

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On Health Care

Summed up for you, with devastating accuracy. Judging the moral positions of political issues of the day seems to be getting easier and simpler: locate the gravy train, then head the opposite way from the locomotive.

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