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An Artsy Contest

Crescat takes aim at the exterior of my church. One commenter thought it was a headscratcher. Is there supposed to be something wrong with #38? I wonder who nominated us? One of my parishioners wasn’t too happy when I told … Continue reading

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Making Cents of the Economy

Serious coin collectors search for “key dates” in series of coins. These are years in which mintages were low, resulting in a relative scarcity. Often low mintages point to financial upheaval within the nation. (I’m still looking for a nice … Continue reading

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RCIA 111: Presenting Catechumens

The Rite of Sending itself, inserted into the Liturgy of the  Word just after the homily is simple and straightforward. Without getting into too much detail in the texts, it consists of a Presentation (111), an Affirmation (112) by the … Continue reading

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