RCIA 112-113: Affirmation

img_6803After the catechumens are called forward, the entire assembly is addressed in “these or similar” words:

My dear friends, these catechumens who have been preparing for the sacraments of initiation hope that they will be found ready to participate in the rite of election and be chosen in Christ for the Easter sacraments. It is the responsibility of this community to inquire about their readiness before they are presented to the bishop.

The godparents are directly questioned:

Have these catechumens taken their formation in the Gospel and in the Catholic way of life seriously?

Have they given evidence of their conversion by the example of their lives?

Do you judge them to be ready to be presented to the bishop for the rite of election?

This rubric comes next:

(When appropriate in the circumstances, the celebrant may also ask the entire assembly to express its approval of the candidates.)

The celebrant concludes the affirmation by the following:

My dear catechumens, this community gladly recommends you to the bishop, who, in the name of Christ, will call you to the Easter sacraments. May God bring to completion the good work he has begun in you.

RCIA 113 then gives the option of signing the Book of the Elect if it will not take place in the presence of the bishop. We’ll get to a detailed discussion of the Book of the Elect in RCIA 132. Meanwhile, a few observations:

The liturgical texts make it clear that the entire community is responsible for those sent to election, not just the clergy and/or godparents. The godparents are questioned, however, on behalf of the community. The text of the questions points to the nature of the catechumenal formation, which includes both the “Gospel and in the Catholic way of life.” Sometimes parishes give the microphone to individual godparents. If this is done, it should be clear that this “examination” is not about an individual’s love for God or about their absorption rate of Catholic doctrine.


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