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Peter Nixon on Reform2

Peter links his US Catholic feature on dotCommonweal, and nets a predictably long thread of comments. I really like the work done on “Gather Us In.” I was at an ecumenical seminar on teaching hymnology, and the presenter, a Calvinist … Continue reading

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Conspiracy? That’s Ice

I like the discussion on the Universe Today site about arctic ice photos declassified by the Obama administration. Easy to see why the Bushies would want to keep this under their hats. (I wonder how much of the financial mess … Continue reading

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RCIA 114-117: Sending Off

Let’s conclude the Rite of Sending. There isn’t much to go. Intercessions for the catechumens follow the affirmation and the signing of the book. As with RCIA 65, the given prayers may be used, or a different formulary. Likewise, if … Continue reading

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