RCIA 114-117: Sending Off


Let’s conclude the Rite of Sending. There isn’t much to go. Intercessions for the catechumens follow the affirmation and the signing of the book. As with RCIA 65, the given prayers may be used, or a different formulary. Likewise, if these prayers are to be used at a celebration of Mass, the general intercessions and creed may be omitted. Prayers for the Church and for the world may be added to these given (or locally-composed) intercessions. Today I’ll just offer the given petitions for discussion:

That these catechumens may be freed from selfishness and learn to put others first,

That their godparents may be living examples of the Gospel,

That their teachers may always convey to them the beauty of God’s word,

That these catechumens share with others the joy they have found in their friendship with Jesus,

That our community during this (the coming) Lenten season, may grow in charity and be constant in prayer,

Given our recent discussions about glumness, petition #4 is interesting, isn’t it? Joy is not just an interior aspect, but something ingrained in the further effort of evangelization. Even before the season of Lent begins in earnest, and weeks before baptism, the seeds of spreading the Gospel are planted and nourished in new believers.

RCIA 115 gives a concluding prayer over the catechumens, no other option provided:

Father of love and power,
it is your will to establish everything in Christ
and to draw us into his all-embracing love.

Guide these catechumens in the days and weeks ahead:
strengthen them in their vocation,
build them into the kingdom of your Son,
and seal them with the Spirit of your promise.

We ask this through Christ our Lord.

The task of Lent is given a basis in the Trinity.

RCIA 116-117 provides for the dismissal of the catechumens, duplicating options B, C, and D from RCIA 67, as well as the rubric of RCIA 68. Option A in RCIA 116 is somewhat more wordy:

My dear friends, you are about to set out on the road that leads to the glory of Easter. Christ will be your way, your truth, and your life. In his name we send you forth from this community to celebrate with the bishop the Lord’s choice of you to be numbered among his elect. Until we meet again for the scrutinies, walk always in his peace.


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  1. Tony says:

    How about:

    “Ita, Missa est”?

    Nah, too provincial :)

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