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An Artsy Contest

Crescat takes aim at the exterior of my church. One commenter thought it was a headscratcher. Is there supposed to be something wrong with #38? I wonder who nominated us? One of my parishioners wasn’t too happy when I told … Continue reading

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Making Cents of the Economy

Serious coin collectors search for “key dates” in series of coins. These are years in which mintages were low, resulting in a relative scarcity. Often low mintages point to financial upheaval within the nation. (I’m still looking for a nice … Continue reading

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RCIA 111: Presenting Catechumens

The Rite of Sending itself, inserted into the Liturgy of the  Word just after the homily is simple and straightforward. Without getting into too much detail in the texts, it consists of a Presentation (111), an Affirmation (112) by the … Continue reading

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SttL on Silence

Silence: the absence of sound? Or something more? The USCCB document Sing to the Lord has a lot to say about silence. In my workshop on the theology of choir and assembly at the recent Loras College Liturgical Music Conference, … Continue reading

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SttL on the Formation of Music Ministers

The US Bishops’ document Sing to the Lord writes of the need to form music ministers. It should go without saying that music directors and liturgists should have a thorough grounding in music and liturgy. Or at the very least, … Continue reading

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RCIA 108-110: More on Sending

The last three instructions before we get to the rubrics and rituals for “Sending of the Catechumens for Election.” 108. The rite is celebrated in the parish church at a suitable time prior to the rite of election. 109. The … Continue reading

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DIY Funerals

Deacon Greg links the Times on home funerals. From Katie Zezima’s article: When Nathaniel Roe, 92, died at his 18th-century farmhouse here the morning of June 6, his family did not call a funeral home to handle the arrangements. Instead, … Continue reading

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Humility and the Common Life

(This is Neil) In this week’s “Credo” column in the (London) Times, the Anglican Bishop of Gibraltar, Geoffrey Rowell, discusses humility. As Christians, we are called to imitate Christ. But this does not mean that we want to have one … Continue reading

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RCIA 106-107: Sending

RCIA gives an optional rite as Lent approaches: a public rite in the parish in which the catechumens are sent to the Rite of Election. The rite envisions the bishop’s role at the commencement of the period of purification and … Continue reading

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Myth Marble

The Lewis Crusade takes me to task for suggesting the level of catechesis among Catholics is fine. Did I write that? I don’t think I wrote that. I think an adequate level of catechesis in some areas of the faith … Continue reading

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Searching For Eisenhower Catholicism

dotCommonweal notes George Weigel’s latest essay, “After Notre Dame,” and link the Fort Wayne/South Bend diocesan organ. I found a more web-friendly link that avoids the extra pages of the pdf newspaper. Dr Weigel took some substantial hits on all … Continue reading

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The Armchair Liturgist: Handling the Assumption

Next month’s solemnity, because it falls on Saturday, is non-obligatory. Sit in the purple chair and set your parish’s worship calendar for the weekend of August 14-16. Our archdiocese’s liturgy office reminded pastors: August 15 – Solemnity of the Assumption … Continue reading

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Wedding Opportunities

The first wedding I ever played was my sister’s, back in 1982. The last one was yesterday. I confess I like weddings these days. I like them a lot. I see them as a key opportunity for evangelization, and I … Continue reading

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RCIA 104-105: Optional Presentations During The Catechumenate

The initiation rites give the option of presenting the Creed and the Lord’s Prayer to the catechumens during the catechumenate period instead of during the third and fifth weeks of Lent. 104. The presentations normally take place during Lent, the period … Continue reading

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Marilyn and Madonna and Mass

To many, Madonna and Marilyn Manson are infamous pop artists. I’ve been reading where Catholic groups are mustering their protesters and events to discourage and/or disapprove of upcoming concert tours in Eastern Europe. The Archdiocese of Warsaw has rejected a … Continue reading

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