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Why South African Bishops Jumped

Bishop Edward Risi offers an explanation on why the South African bishops implemented the Order of Mass translation a few years ahead of every other English-speaking country: We produced the Pastoral Introduction to the Mass, a project that took us … Continue reading

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RCIA 142-143: True Repentance

The full experience of the Scrutinies, including the preparation and liturgical celebration is the catechesis for the newcomers’ future observance of the sacrament of Penance. 142. Because they are asking for the three sacraments of initiation, the elect must have … Continue reading

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Nickless and dotCommonweal: Viable or Vital?

A strange quote from dotCommonweal on Northwest Iowa’s Bishop Walter Nickless: The Catholic Church does not teach that government should directly provide health care … Any legislation that undermines the vitality of the private sector is suspect. The private sector … Continue reading

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A Notable Funeral and Eulogy

A high-profile funeral was celebrated today. I did not see any of it; Saturdays have developed into quite busy days, and today was no exception. As a liturgist, I’d like to offer a few comments on some aspects I’ve heard … Continue reading

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Early Retirement

This week I’ve been bothered by what I believe to be a faulted approach from some of the Catholic blogosphere in dealing with Senator Ted Kennedy’s death. It seems I have an opportunity to show my true colors upon hearing … Continue reading

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The Forty-Three Percent Solution

A long tradition at my parish is a late evening weeknight Mass. Last year, it consistently drew sixty to a hundred people, almost all Iowa State students. It goes back at least twenty years, so they tell me. When I … Continue reading

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RCIA 141: Scrutinies

Chief among the RCIA rites of Lent are the three scrutinies.Let’s get the tale from the first of six descriptive sections in the rite: 141. The scrutinies, which are solemnly celebrated on Sundays and are reinforced by an exorcism, are … Continue reading

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