Pope’s Album Features His Singing

Mark your calendars, the feast of Saint Andrew is the release date for Pope Benedict’s album. The focus will be on songs about the Blessed Mother. One song will feature the Holy Father himself singing. But a question: what about his piano playing? Imagine Pope Benedict and his brother doing some piano four-hands on something. (I don’t think Mozart composed anything with that arrangement, though.)

Geffen’s Colin Barlow:

We travelled to Rome, heard some of the music and realised it was a beautiful piece of music and something that actually could be an incredible record for us to work on.

It’s very much about delivering a really brilliant piece of music and making sure we treat it with the respect it deserves.

I’ll repeat what I blogged earlier. Albums have jumped the shark. If the pope wants to make a splash, they would have done better to record whatever they wanted to record, then make it available on the Vatican web site. Why? Lots of reasons. They could sell the downloads and completely cut out the corporate side. If the Eagles and Foreigner can do it, Pope Benedict, with his worldwide popularity, could certainly do it.

Consider also that the Vatican could have controlled the internet presentation, added bonus material: catechetical messages, extra prayers, music played by the pope and his brother, or even asked people for a prayer commitment or a donation to a charity.

Anyway, take the poll:


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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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2 Responses to Pope’s Album Features His Singing

  1. Jimmy Mac says:

    He should sing NO Marian songs. Most of them are dreck and, besides, as leader of the largest Christian denomination in the world, shouldn’t he do something to break this unhealthy Catholic fixation on Mary? One would think that she is a member of the Trinity the way this church goes very close to Mariolotry way too much.

  2. I understand that the pope plays the piano in utter secrecy. Somehow this intimates to me that he’s probably pretty good–good enough to know that he’s not a concert artist, and therefore shy about letting us listen in. But all the same, he’s probably good enough that the rest of us would be better men for having heard him play.

    Whatever he sings I hope it’s liturgical rather than devotional. And I agree that going the download route would have made much more sense.

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