RCIA 127-128: Election, Where and When

img_6803Wrapping up the last two sections of instruction on the Rite of Election, a few practical details are advised upon:

127. The rite should take place in the cathedral church, in a parish church or, if necessary, in some other suitable and fitting place.

The usual Roman set of preferences. The “other suitable and fitting place” would probably be an outpost or regional center in mission lands. Probably not a consideration in the US.

128. The rite is celebrated within Mass, after the homily, and should be celebrated within the Mass of the First Sunday of Lent. If, for pastoral reasons, the rite is celebrated on a different day, the texts and the readings of the ritual Mass “Christian Initiation: Election or Enrollment of Names” may always be used. When the Mass of the day is celebrated and its readings are not suitable, the readings are those given for the First Sunday of Lent or others may be chosen from elsewhere in the Lectionary.

When celebrated outside Mass, the rite takes place after the readings and the homily and is concluded with the dismissal of both the elect and the faithful.

[An optional parish rite to send catechumens for election by the bishop precedes the rite of election and is found at no. 106.]

In the pastoral care rites, we saw that readings selected were to be from the Scriptures, but didn’t need to be from the Lectionary. Here, the Church states that “other” readings will be from the Lectionary. Even so, that’s not really a burden; the Lectionary is chock full of choices appropriate to election.

Some places seem to opt for a Rite of Election outside of Mass. Most places, I’ve experienced a Liturgy of the Word. In one diocese, it was the Liturgy of the Hours–an interesting choice.


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