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Catholics and Lutherans: Is there a Fundamental Difference?

(This is Neil) I tend to read the reviews in Modern Theology electronically, a year late. In the July 2008 issue, the Lutheran ecumenist Michael Root reviews a book by the Dominican theologian Charles Morerod. Fr Morerod apparently wishes to … Continue reading

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The Princess Is Coming To Town

I have several lives. They don’t intersect too readily. Lots of discussion at the office on scheduling my parish’s Fall semester Msgr. Supple Lecture. And all during it, a tickle in the back of my mind that our speaker was … Continue reading

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What If You Threw a Gala …

… and everybody showed up? David Gibson headlined his entry on dotCommonweal, “Pope approves ‘priest-less’ Masses,” but it’s a curiosity for angel pinhead dancers … or something. The comments on his thread just slay me. It’s not a Sunday, but … Continue reading

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Losing One’s Direction in Tulsa

On the heels of the completed renovation/restoration of Tulsa’s Holy Family Cathedral, dotCommonweal reports that Bishop Edward Slattery of Tulsa will re-orient clergy at the celebration of Mass. The diocesan magazine headlines “Multiple advantages,” to ad orientam posture. But in … Continue reading

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Bella Gaia

This will be way cool when it hits theaters and planetaria. Check out the Bella Gaia site. The sample above features input from various satellites and space probes employing timelapse effects and image enhancements to point out amazing things like … Continue reading

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RCIA 131: Affirmation by Godparents and Assembly

The rite gives three options for this ritual, a wordy “A” version with a single response asked of the godparents. If the celebrant has not “taken part in the earlier deliberation on the candidates’ suitableness (see RCIA 122),” then version … Continue reading

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Merton on Architecture

Thanks to my summer sojourn with Robert Barron’s The Strangest Way, I’ve been reintroduced to the writing of Thomas Merton. My wife gave me The Sign of Jonas a number of years ago, and Fr Barron’s praise for Merton’s epilogue … Continue reading

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