RCIA 131: Affirmation by Godparents and Assembly

img_6803The rite gives three options for this ritual, a wordy “A” version with a single response asked of the godparents. If the celebrant has not “taken part in the earlier deliberation on the candidates’ suitableness (see RCIA 122),” then version B is used:

God’s holy Church wishes to know whether these candidates are sufficiently prepared to be enrolled among the elect for the coming celebration of Easter. And so I speak first of all to you their godparents.

Have they faithfully listened to God’s word proclaimed by the Church?

Have they responded to that word and begun to walk in  God’s presence?

Have they shared the company of their Christian brothers and sisters and joined with them in prayer?

When appropriate in the circumstances, the celebrant may also ask the entire assembly to express its approval of the candidates in these or sinilar words:

And now I speak to you, my brothers and sisters in this assembly:

Are you ready to support the testimony expressed about these catechumens and include them in your prayer and affection as we move toward Easter?

A third option is given the bishop or his delegate with regard to this “affirmation,” namely the catchall “similar words.” Option A that I’ve n0t quoted here is simply a variation from these three questions: listening to the Word of God, responding to it, and joining in the community of Christians. The last item may be a challenge for parishes that by accident or design conduct a highly segregated catechumenate. We’ve seen time and again, the expectation is that all through these early stages, the Church intends an immersion in the life of the faith community; it’s not something that waits for the post-baptismal period.


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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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