RCIA 134: Intercessions for the Elect


134. The community may use either of the formularies, options A or B, or a similar formulary to pray for the elect. The celebrant may adapt the introduction and the intentions to fit various circumstances.

[If it is decided, in accord with no. 137, that after the dismissal of the elect the usual general intercessions of the Mass are to be omitted and that the liturgy of the Eucharist is to begin immediately, intentions for the Church and the whole world are to be added to the following intentions for the elect.]

So the community has options. In practice, I’d say these are the least likely intercessions to be altered or substituted. In the diocesan community, who might be respnsible for rewriting the texts to “fit?”

It’s interesting that the intention for the Church is to be added. In option A, it’s the first listed:

That together we may fruitfully employ this Lenten season to renew ourselves through self-denial and works of holiness.

The other intercessions for option A mention, in turn, catechumens, teachers, godparents, families, and community. Option B lists eleven brief intentions, ten of which deal with the elect: daily prayer, frequent prayer, the Word of God, acknowledgement of faults, daily work, Lenten daily observance, moral courage, love/virtue/holiness, self-renunciation, their families, and sharing the faith.

A small quibble about the “catechumens” reference in option A. It should be “elect.”

Otherwise, liturgy preparers for the bishop or his delegate and the catechumenate communities have two clear choices for these intercessions. Anything you think they’ve missed?


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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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