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De Mortuis and Assorted Commentary

De mortuis nil nisi bonum. It’s a saying worth having not only in one’s vocabulary, but also in one’s orthopraxis. Those more concerned with orthodoxy, or their own brand of it, seem to be spending a lot of ink or … Continue reading

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Worship With U2

I’ll confess right out that I have little patience for the direct application of popular music items to liturgy.  In the time it would take me to locate a rare exception, I could write a new song myself. One basic … Continue reading

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RCIA 139-140: “Intense Spiritual Preparation”

The introductory sections for the Period of Purification and Enlightenment conclude: 139. This is a period of more intense spiritual preparation, consisting more in interior reflection than in catechetical instruction, and is intended to purify the minds and hearts of … Continue reading

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