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Early Retirement

This week I’ve been bothered by what I believe to be a faulted approach from some of the Catholic blogosphere in dealing with Senator Ted Kennedy’s death. It seems I have an opportunity to show my true colors upon hearing … Continue reading

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The Forty-Three Percent Solution

A long tradition at my parish is a late evening weeknight Mass. Last year, it consistently drew sixty to a hundred people, almost all Iowa State students. It goes back at least twenty years, so they tell me. When I … Continue reading

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RCIA 141: Scrutinies

Chief among the RCIA rites of Lent are the three scrutinies.Let’s get the tale from the first of six descriptive sections in the rite: 141. The scrutinies, which are solemnly celebrated on Sundays and are reinforced by an exorcism, are … Continue reading

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Using Stadium Culture

Regarding my commentary on U2, Jim McK wonders: Do you feel the same way about liturgy taking over popular performance formats, as when a million people turn out as a stadium because a popular priest, ie the Pope, is celebrant? … Continue reading

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