Not A Mix: Trans and Music Ministry

A transgender organist/choir director is fired in Italy. Comment from the musician:

I never would have thought that my condition would have caused problems in the workplace.

Well, the person does work for the Catholic Church, and trans is misunderstood among most persons. I’m reticent to be too critical of an original story from Italian-language media (the link is from Clerical Whispers via Jimmy Mac). Music ministry is more than an ordinary workplace.

That said, I don’t perceive anything sinful about Marco Della Gatta/Luana Ricci’s situation as it seems to be at this moment. A person who has self-identified as male starts dressing as a woman–that’s not objectively sinful. It might be that other conduct was sinful–it’s not surprising that the press wouldn’t pick up on that. Doing a story of a trans person in conflict with the Church–my sense is that they would stop at the first curiosity and not move on from there.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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4 Responses to Not A Mix: Trans and Music Ministry

  1. Tony says:

    Odd case.

    From what I gather, it was a man who is married, and has children, and he’s decided to have his parts mutilated to appear to be a woman.

    One would think that it would be objectively sinful to take action to prevent conception during sex, not to mention ruining your ability to consummate the sex act. It seems that having your willy cut off would do that.

  2. Todd says:

    Well, yes. Officially, the Church would frown upon what it would see as self-mutilation for the purpose of not conceiving a child during sex.

    For transgendered people in this situation, it’s not only about the sexual act, and sometimes, it’s not about sex at all.

    It’s also possible this person was genetically neither XX nor XY. XXY does happen, and some human beings are born with the organs (or parts of them) of both sexes.

    Following the Church’s teaching on mutilation, it would seem that the removal of one set of organs would be objectively sinful as well. But it does happen, often leaving the person with substantial problems in the future.

    This is likely a far more complicated situation than it first appears. The person may or may not have been unjustly fired. The person may or may not have discerned all this well.

  3. Liam says:

    Fortunately, intersexuality is accommodated by Genesis 1’s use of the conjunction “and” in describing that God made human beings male and female, though obviously there are people who haven’t gotten that memo yet.

  4. Jimmy Mac says:

    I think that, technically, this person is transsexual, not just transgendered:

    Someone who is transsexual is also transgendered, whereas someone who is transgendered does not automatically have to be transsexual.

    Transgender is the collective term for anyone who experiments with gender boundaries. That can include anyone from a drag queen to a cross-dresser or just a very masculine-identified lesbian. And it includes those who feel that they were born in the wrong body – transsexual people.

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