Race To (Economic) Ruin

I see where Operation Rescue is joining VOTF in a lean economic situation. Do you suppose imitators of the Pell-Hitchens philosophical smackdown might wager which group will go under first?

My sense is that charities and causes are struggling these days. I know we have less cash flowing out of our family checkbook these days. It’s a good time to offer what my family and I can still give: my time as a volunteer.

Many people do not know that I worked in development for a few years in between my undergrad degree and graduate school. I was schooled that a successful charity (or cause) will appeal to a donor’s sense of community. If we can, we were told, emphsize our university community as a family, as a community our alumni were still (or could be) invested in, we would succeed where ordinary charities would fail.

I thought about that in connection with these reform-oriented groups. Do donors feel any connection, a “family” connection, if you will, with VOTF or OR. Certainly detractors of those groups don’t. But causes thrive on people identifying positively.

About catholicsensibility

Todd and his family live in Ames, Iowa. He serves a Catholic parish of both Iowa State students and town residents.
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