Race To (Economic) Ruin

I see where Operation Rescue is joining VOTF in a lean economic situation. Do you suppose imitators of the Pell-Hitchens philosophical smackdown might wager which group will go under first?

My sense is that charities and causes are struggling these days. I know we have less cash flowing out of our family checkbook these days. It’s a good time to offer what my family and I can still give: my time as a volunteer.

Many people do not know that I worked in development for a few years in between my undergrad degree and graduate school. I was schooled that a successful charity (or cause) will appeal to a donor’s sense of community. If we can, we were told, emphsize our university community as a family, as a community our alumni were still (or could be) invested in, we would succeed where ordinary charities would fail.

I thought about that in connection with these reform-oriented groups. Do donors feel any connection, a “family” connection, if you will, with VOTF or OR. Certainly detractors of those groups don’t. But causes thrive on people identifying positively.

About catholicsensibility

Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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