Fr Rosica on Self-Criticism and Humility

Zenit posts a reflection on Sunday’s readings. Thomas Rosica, CBS, has been under fire lately for calling out LifeSite and acting in a generally un-echo-like manner toward other pro-lifers. Was it serendipidity that he landed this weekend’s gospel and this commentary? Have a sample:

In the second half of the passage, we find a miscellaneous collection of sayings that call for a stance of self-criticism. The disciples are directed to reflect on their own style of life and ministry. Do any of their words or actions serve as stumbling blocks for the children of the Church? Mark uses words of Jesus against scandal and the misuse of one’s hands, eyes and feet. Jesus does not mandate mutilation. He has a typically Semitic way of speaking — graphic, vivid, even exaggerated. Nothing, no one comes before Christ. Jesus’ command to “cut it off” is not mutilation, but rather an invitation to liberation. It liberates us to love without reservation, not trapped in the self-love where everything and perhaps everyone, even God, himself, must revolve around me. The fascinating paradox of this story is this: The more we focus on the God who lives in us, on the people God cherishes in a special way because they are more needy, and on the earth that God saw as being “very good” (Genesis 1:31), the richer will be our delight in ourselves. Human life is a matter of relationships: with God, with people, with earth.

It’s interesting the priorities of these tussling partners. Fr Rosica offers spiritual reflections on the Scriptures, the liturgy of the Church. LSN’s main page greets you with a fundraising banner, an alternative, if you will, to sending pennies to CCHD. Lots of news links–not unlike Zenit. A sidebar will give you the opportunity to educate yourself and get involved politically. But not very much on the spiritual side of the Christian life. No reflections on a pro-life theme for the Sunday liturgy–at least none that I could find.

Fruits. Knowing. Put it together.

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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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5 Responses to Fr Rosica on Self-Criticism and Humility

  1. Bo Placebo says:

    LSN – LifeSiteNews is one of my favourite web sites – especially the end-of-week summary of various events. It does research and reporting -and urges action. It is not aimed exclusively at Catholics but moves beyond the gospel readings and interpretations (not its mission) to being a knowledgable and active citizen. Were I to live back in Canada I would not give to CCHD nor its American equivalent which was doling out money to Acorn until recently. I would be heartsick for my church and Father Rosica if I were you.

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  3. Yzerman says:

    LifeSite is not officially a Christian or Catholic organization, so your accusations are irrelevant.

  4. Todd says:

    ” … your accusations are irrelevant.”


    I think the appeal to Christ is the only hope we have of conversion of hearts on the issue of abortion.

    And if politics is the only soap box in this discussion, the political pro-life movement is in serious trouble, as they’ve been professionally manipulated by both Republicans and Democrats in the US, maintaining the status quo by an alternation of fear-mongering and empty platitudes.

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