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Cleveland Coup

I haven’t seen anything from the usual blogosphere suspects on this piece of news: Cleveland laity angling for a co-adjutor bishop. Rock did report that a police bodyguard was engaged for Bishop Lennon as he closed one parish earlier this … Continue reading

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Hymnal In Christian Prayer

This summer my wife and I began praying Compline with our respective volumes of Christian Prayer. We take turns mostly looking for a hymn after the examination of conscience. When I pray the hours, I confess I don’t sing a … Continue reading

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Summer Breezes of Liturgy

While Cardinal Arinze promotes Euro-kneelers, Asia’s Catholics are looking for substance that will help connect the liturgy with life as they live it. The 13th Asian Liturgical Forum stated, “(T)he Church should continue to revise, reinvent, and create liturgical feasts … Continue reading

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RCIA 157-159: Presentation of the Creed–Liturgy of the Word

Not just the liturgy of the word, but also a quick rubric on when to celebrate this rite, a strong preference for a parish liturgy: 157.  The presentation of the Creed, which takes place during the week after the first … Continue reading

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Come By Here

A couple of rare liturgy posts over at Vox Nova yesterday, including one with a bonus question: When was the last time you heard Kumbaya at a Catholic Mass? According to commenter Matt Talbot, the argument against it is pretty … Continue reading

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