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RCIA 160-163: Creed, Prayer, Dismissal, Eucharist

Let’s put together the rest of the Presentation of the Creed. The elect are called forward after the homily–remember: only the unbaptized, okay? The celebrant instructs in “these or similar words.” My dear friends, listen carefully to the words of … Continue reading

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NFL 2009

Dale asked about my NFL prognostication for the upcoming season in progress. I’m not really excited about football this fall. I think the 49ers are for real but the Jets aren’t. I have doubts on the Cowboys and Patriots and … Continue reading

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Cults of Celebrity and Anti-Celebrity

A lot has been written and said about the dueling bits of celebrity in American culture these days. Some arguments aren’t holding water: racism and cultism being two. That’s not to say that some individual Americans are no longer racists. … Continue reading

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