NFL 2009

Dale asked about my NFL prognostication for the upcoming season in progress. I’m not really excited about football this fall. I think the 49ers are for real but the Jets aren’t. I have doubts on the Cowboys and Patriots and probably the Cardinals. The Saints are a surprise to me. My SB pick is a shot in the dark. Other than that, I have a busy day at the church tomorrow. I probably won’t be watching any games. 

New England (11-5), Buffalo (9-7), NY Jets (6-10), Miami (6-10)

Baltimore (13-3), Pittsburgh (11-5), Cincinnati (9-7), Cleveland (2-14)

Indy (12-4), Tennessee (9-7), Jacksonville (9-7), Houston (8-8)

San Diego (11-5), Denver (7-9), Oakland (4-12), Kansas  City (4-12)

Dallas (10-6), Phila (10-6), NY Giants (10-6), Washington (3-13)

Chicago (11-5), Minnesota (9-7), Green Bay (7-9), Detroit (3-13)

New Orleans (11-5), Atlanta (10-6), Carolina (9-7), Tampa Bay (4-12)

San Francisco (12-4), Arizona (9-7), Seattle (5-11), St Louis (2-14)

Supe XLIV: Ravens 42, 49ers 20

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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