First Day of School Pix

first day of school 2009

My wife is big into family traditions, especially inventing, building, and maintaining them. When I retrieved the church pic from this morning, I found the First Day of School image my wife took on my cell phone last month. Compare with two years ago:

first day of school 07

At some point, I’ll be the one to organize these shots. Most of them will need conversion to digital. My wife just remembers them, shoots them, and trusts that I keep track of them.

The young miss is growing, no?

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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4 Responses to First Day of School Pix

  1. Kevin in Texas says:

    Todd, I must say that even knowing that your daughter is adopted, you two could certainly pass for biological parent and child! And please don’t take offense at that, as none is intended. It is remarkable to see the resemblance, though!

    In reference to your next blog post on reading lists, believe it or not, I could not agree with you more on the issue, both in the macro and micro realms! We must equip our young adults with the tools they need to mature and grow more independent from us, as that is God’s charge to us as parents. If we continually show that we do not trust them (even if they break our trust, as they sometimes do), they will learn not how to be more responsible and how to make better decisions for themselves, but how to be more surreptitious and less open with parents.

    That said, I wonder how you (and your wife) would react if you found out that your daughter went to the movies with a friend and snuck into an “R”-rated film without your knowledge or permission, especially if she weren’t the one to tell you about it. I think I’d have to go the punishment route–grounding and/or no Internet/TV/cell phone for x weeks, as well as a frank explanation of my disappointment.

  2. Young Miss has grown indeed. How’s this for weirdness: you look very very much like my younger brother.

  3. Todd says:

    Kevin, no offense at all taken. Several years ago my daughter struck up a conversation with another child at the DMV. When I emerged from line, she remarked, “You look like your dad.” I looked at Brit and said, “Do you want to tell her, or should I?”

    One of her grade 3 classmates was so fixated on our resemblance than she theorized I had fathered her with the birth mom and adopted her because of that. We all had a huge laugh on that one.

    If I found out about an R-rated movie, I would of course ask her about the content. I would insist on a truthful opinion. And yes, there would be consequences. O yes.

  4. MCNS says:

    Great pics! If this were Facebook I’d click the like button.

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