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Land of Rest

My wife has been avidly following the new Ken Burns documentary The National Parks: America’s Best Idea. Have you been watching? I keep hearing one of my favorite hymn tunes, Land of Rest, in various arrangements. The producers explain discernment … Continue reading

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Say What?

Rod Dreher and Mark Shea have an Emily Litella moment.

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Apollo 11’s TV Camera

Amazing. The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter has imaged Buzz and Neil’s camera (among other stuff) at the Apollo 11 landing site. See the thin gray line out to Little West crater marked by the vertical arrow? Neil made a dash out … Continue reading

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Fact-Fudging From The Vatican

Archbishop Silvano Tomasi didn’t exactly lie, but he did pad his statistics in an attempt to blame homosexuals for the abuse of minors. Naturally the new media, in this case LifeSiteNews, is curiously incurious. A “secularist group” is putting on … Continue reading

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Archbishop Chaput Was Right

Every so often, I lurk and occasionally post on left wing blogs, just for the perspective. Regarding the commentariat discussing abortion protesters as terrorists, see for yourself if Archbishop Chaput hasn’t nailed the qualities of liberal and conservative critics in … Continue reading

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