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How To Make A Retreat

I wrote an article on retreats some time ago. My editor spiked it, but I found it still cluttering up my hard drive earlier tonight. So as I head off to a week of Lectio and silence and reflection and … Continue reading

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Meet Gambit

It’s been five years since we had a kitten in the house. The other two cats are not pleased, but they seem to be adjusting. Gambit is not an exact match to the departed Splinter; he has a light orange … Continue reading

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Unbiased Anti-Catholicism

Archbishop Timothy Dolan and the Pew Research Center take aim at the media this week. Catholic and conservative complaints are truly a mystery to me. Unlike one blogger and his commentariat, I can’t ever recall a direct confession from any … Continue reading

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RCIA 209: Rites of Baptism

Sections 209 through 214 give an explanation of the main elements of the baptism portion of the initiation rites. A summary first: 209. The celebration of baptism has as its center and high point the baptismal washing and the invocation … Continue reading

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Awkward Communion

My friend Jerry related a visit to a cathedral parish in which a curious repertoire choice unfolded at Communion time: the Gregorian antiphon, Laetabimur in salutari tuo was sung solo during the priest’s Communion, followed by “I Received the Living … Continue reading

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Rome Takes Note of Blogs

Lots of talk in Rome about bloggers, at a recent international conference on pastoral guidelines for church communications. Selected quotes: Archbishop Claudio Maria Celli, president of the Pontifical Council for Social Communications, didn’t think a Catholic bloggers’ “code of conduct” … Continue reading

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Africans on Liturgy

Zenit has the propositions from the recent Synod of African Bishops. There are some liturgical elements in these. I direct your attention to five propositions treating Reconciliation (5-9), a brief note within proposition 33 on inculturation in liturgy, and #45, … Continue reading

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