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Myths of Rights and Monopolies

I notice the handwringing, mainly from conservatives, about the problems with educating children in America. I have to confess I have lots of worries, too. But as you might suspect, mine sometimes differ. When my daughter was in Catholic school, I was … Continue reading

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“There are cases of rich helping poor … but I have not seen a lot of them.”

My friend John (who blogs here) has returned to the States for meetings, grant-writing, and visits to develop interest in our student trips to Honduras. Nice feature in the local media. The article contains links if you would want to … Continue reading

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War Moralists Run Off The Rails

Convenient for Austen Ivereigh that they shut down the comboxes on his silly proposal that Catholics cannot be pacifists. At best, the Christian just war premise is like unto this: Because of the hardness of your hearts they allowed you to go … Continue reading

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RCIA 171-177: Third Scrutiny

Everything said about the second scrutiny yesterday applies here, with these exceptions: – The gospel reading is the raising of Lazarus. – The third scrutiny takes place on the fifth Sunday of Lent – And obviously, the wording of the … Continue reading

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