RCIA 171-177: Third Scrutiny

img_6803Everything said about the second scrutiny yesterday applies here, with these exceptions:

– The gospel reading is the raising of Lazarus.

– The third scrutiny takes place on the fifth Sunday of Lent

– And obviously, the wording of the given intercessions (which can be adapted) and the exorcism prayers (which the rite does not give the option to adapt) allude specifically to Lazarus (options A and B both).

Here is exorcism prayer option A, which is slightly more succinct, and a little more powerful in its language:

Father of life and God not of the dead but of the living,
you sent your Son to proclaim life,
to snatch us from the realm of death,
and to lead us to the resurrection.

Free these elect from the death-dealing power of the spirit of evil,
so that they may bear witness
to their new life in the risen Christ,
for he lives and reigns for ever and ever.

The individual laying on of hands takes place.

Lord Jesus,
by raising Lazarus from the dead
you showed that you came that we might have life
and have it more abundantly.

Free from the grasp of death
those who await your life-giving sacraments
and deliver them from the spirit of corruption.

Through your Spirit, who gives life,
fill them with faith, hope, and charity,
that they may live with you always
in the glory of your resurrection,
for you are Lord for ever and ever.

Note the text after the laying  on of hands is addressed directly to Christ–far less frequent in the Roman Rite than invoking the First Person. And yet these prayers are deeply Trinitarian, not only for mentioning the Spirit, but for what they reveal (or attempt to reveal) in the persons of the Trinity.


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