War Moralists Run Off The Rails

Convenient for Austen Ivereigh that they shut down the comboxes on his silly proposal that Catholics cannot be pacifists. At best, the Christian just war premise is like unto this:

Because of the hardness of your hearts they allowed you to go to war, but from the beginning it was not so.

One of these days, somebody in the blogosphere will consider the brilliant, but mostly untested idea of permitting two people who disagree to treat ideas directly, rather than indulging the intellectual masturbation that masquerades as net-smarts.


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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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2 Responses to War Moralists Run Off The Rails

  1. Micha Elyi says:

    If it is to be, let it begin with thee.

  2. Randolph Nichols says:

    Since I’ve met so few genuine pacifists, I’m wondering if you could spell out more specifically your thinking on the subject. (If you’ve had an extended post about that in the past, please refer me.) In particular, I’m interested how you would reply to a theologian like Rheinhold Niebuhr who encouraged U.S. engagement against the Nazis, or or Ivereigh’s suggestion that in the face of genocide military intervention is an appropriate moral response.
    I know that such a discussion will probably invite the kind of vehement knee jerk commentary you so oppose, yet one rarely encounters arguments extolling the practicality of pacifism. Would you go so far as to say a Christian can never define a war as “just”?
    Thanks for taking the time to respond.

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