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Getting Schooled on Marriage

I have to say that if I still watched Sesame Street and saw this segment I wouldn’t have thought “same-sex marriage.” Sometimes I feel the need to just blog on something and don’t think it through thoroughly. I confess I … Continue reading

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Rooting Interests

Had dinner with my elder brother, his wife, and her friend and employer last night. They popped in at 7PM Mass at the parish–always a nice surprise. We went to a local pub/restaurant for decent food and weak service afterward. … Continue reading

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Truth, Faith, Facts, and Stuff

Nice discussion on American Catholic about the notion of reason as it applies to truths and knowledge of the Christian faith. I’ve only been called a liar twice, but the commentariat there lately seems to have stepped back from that … Continue reading

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RCIA 185-186: Introducing the Preparation Rites

Sections 185 through 205 give three or four possible preparation rites for Holy Saturday. In this post, we’ll look at the two introductory paragraphs explaining what’s going on and why: 185. In proximate preparation for the celebration of the sacraments … Continue reading

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