Getting Schooled on Marriage

I have to say that if I still watched Sesame Street and saw this segment I wouldn’t have thought “same-sex marriage.” Sometimes I feel the need to just blog on something and don’t think it through thoroughly. I confess I read the first few paragraphs of Bishop Nickless’s letter and saw red. I closed the window and started blogging. But then I reopened the link and read the whole piece. I was glad I did. There’s some good stuff in there. Bishop Nickless will lose a lot of readers for his opening salvo. But then again, often what we do or write or say has consequences more or less appropriate to the occasion.

I give the Crunchy Con credit for conceding:

I jumped the gun on this one, and was stupid to have done so.

For the record, I thought Grover did a nice job eliciting the meaning of marriage from the young lad. Rather than indulge the hermeneutic of subtraction, let’s stay positive. How would you explain the meaning of marriage to a four or five-year-old in an understandable way?

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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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1 Response to Getting Schooled on Marriage

  1. Jason says:

    This is Grover, not Rahner or some other systematic theologian.

    I think it’s cute, and a pretty good 60 second understanding of marriage for preschoolers.

    When I was 4, and my mommy and daddy hugged and kissed, I would go, “Eeew! Hey you can’t do that in front of me!” And they would laugh and hug and kiss some more, and then hug and kiss me. At 4, I knew that mommy and daddy loved each other and they loved me.

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